My skin wasn’t the worst condition it had ever been in but once I got engaged to my man I knew I wanted to make my skin look more alive, clear and glowing, the best it could be. I started my skin journey with terrible acne to the point where people would ask my mum what had happened to my face. I had gotten rid of the acne but was feeling dull, congested and lifeless. I started seeing the team at Skin Fairy Clinic and very quickly started to notice results. At the same time I was going through some personal issues and without the girls knowing it, they were also my little saviours it bringing me back to a calm and happy place. Slowly, others started to comment on my skin and ask what makeup I was wearing which was usually only a light tinted moisturiser unless I had an event. Each time I would have a trial or get my makeup done the makeup artist would always comment and say how nice my skin was, this had never been said to me, and how I never needed “full coverage “ makeup as I was quite clear which is the polar opposite of where my skin used to be. Here I am now after my wedding, hardly wearing makeup and when I was just out at dinner talking, my mum interrupts to tell me how much my skin is glowing and how jealous she is and she wants glowy skin too! Gotta love mums. At the end of the day, no matter what you problem or concern, the girls will listen, advise and help you out the best way they can and give you the best home care and treatment advice to work with your budget and/or lifestyle. You won’t regret it.

Alex Lane – 27th October 2018