I’ve been seeing the team at Skin Fairy Clinic for two and half years with Tahlea being my main skin therapist. My skin has never been very bad but it has been bad enough to leave me feeling insecure when I wasn’t wearing makeup. My main problem area was my chin and redness. So when I became engaged and was planning my wedding the first thing I wanted to tackle was getting my skin in order. 

My skin therapist Tahlea was so understanding, as were all of the team who ended up treating me in the 14 months leading up to my wedding, about the path I had to take in reaching my skin goals. My monthly enzyme treatments and DMK products truly made a huge difference to my skin combined with the other methods of treatment I was using at the time. 

My skin on my wedding day was flawless and I truly believe that it wasn’t just one method that enabled me to reach my “skin goal” but the fact that I was also implementing skin fairy magic into my routine. 

Carmen and the team at Skin Fairy Clinic are one of a kind. I’ll always be excited for my upcoming appointments and continuing my treatments with you. Big hugs, Dallas xx

Dallas Downes – 17thNovember 2018