A Fairy for a Day


No matter where you are in your skin or beauty career, we would love to hear from you and discuss spending a day together.  If you are new to the industry, feeling lost or looking for some inspiration, hoping to learn some new tricks l, or simply wish to come and hang with some seriously talented and passionate people…well come on down! Senior and junior therapists are welcome.


  • 9.30 – 5.00pm – Full Day in clinic
  • A charged phone so we can create content with you
  • ZipPay is available for payment plans
  • Bring a positive attitude – GOOD VIBES ONLY
  • Lunch, coffee & refreshments provided
  • Skin Fairy Pack – TBA
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I loved being a fairy, if only for a day. I was given great insight into the operations and running of a successful skin clinic. The team are a true testament to Carmen's focus on training, empowering young women and great leadership! I received so many great ideas to take away and implement in my own studio. Carmen is an absolute BOSS and so down to earth, a few LOLs and heaps of learning.
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I had the most amazing , life changing experience when I attended the Skin fairy shadowing program. To be able to have an insite into how this successful clinic runs and to take away knowledge and skills that have empowered me to know that anything is possible. If you are thinking of applying for the Skin Fairy shadowing program absolutely go for it. For me I look at everything in my business in a new light now. Thank you Carmen, Rhys & your amazing Skin Fairy team xx
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My day as a Fairy was certainly worth the trip from Melbourne across to Perth. Carmen’s dedication and passion to her business and her team really is proof to her success, not only as a business woman but as an amazing team leader who clearly understands that it takes that dedication, hard work and leadership to achieve your dream. The Skin Fairy team are amazing and their respect, passion and awesome work ethic as a team to build not only on their own personal success but to also work together as a great team reflects on this success. Having the opportunity to have Carmen and her team go over the insights of their business growth was certainly a great privilege. Carmen’s willingness to share her space is definitely a day you will be greatful for. I’ve certainly come away with some positive energy and inspiration to apply to my business goals. If you are sitting on the fence of whether to have the opportunity to be a Fairy for a day then don’t hesitate to put your wings on and spend the day with Carmen and her amazing team, because I can assure you, you will be buzzing when you do. Thanks again
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Spending the day with Carmen & The Skin Fairies was an amazing privilege that I am so grateful for. I left feeling inspired by their incredible knowledge of not only skin but how they run a very successful business.