• Can I have skin treatments at Skin Fairy Clinic if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

    Yes, absolutely we have a wide range of safe treatments and products available. We advise no IPL, Omnilux, or Needling (with) anaesthetic whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. We also stop all use of topical Vitamin A for our clients during this period.

  • Can I have needling, IPL or a DMK Alkaline treatment on my first appointment?

    Unfortunately, no, we always need to prep the skin with in clinic treatments and home care to ensure you get the best results possible. Your skin therapist will advise you of what will best revise & prep your skin.

  • How long until I start seeing a result?

    Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact time frame of how long it will take for your skin to clear as every skin type and concern is different.

  • What treatment should I book in for?

    Your skin therapist will always recommend what treatment is best for your skin on the day of your appointment. If it’s your first appointment with our clinic we will advise you after your first initial consultation.

  • How long should I come in before my wedding?

    As soon as possible, we want to ensure we can get you the best results possible before your big day.

  • I don’t live in Perth, is there somewhere you recommend?

  • Do you have payment plans, Zippay or Afterpay available?

    Yes, we have Zippay available for our clients, this can be used on treatments and products.

  • Is there anything I need to do before my first appointment?

    No, but we do recommend arriving 10 minutes early to fill out your consent form. We will take care of you after that.

  • Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

  • Can I have a treatment if I have a cold sore?

    No sadly we cannot treat any client with an active cold sore & will have to reschedule the appointment for health and safety reasons.

  • I am taking Roacutane can I still have treatments?

    Yes, we can still treat you regardless, please inform your therapist of any medication changes and we can change your skincare treatment plan.

  • I’m dry after my last appointment, is this normal?

    Yes, when transitioning onto an active range you will experience dryness. This is your dead cell material lifting off the skin, this will normalise.

  • I’m breaking out after my last appointment, is this normal?

    Yes, when transitioning onto an active range you will experience breakouts. Anything that is underlying in the skin will purge out, this is the exact response we are wanting. Chin up!

  • My products sting is this normal?

    Yes, sometimes after a treatment or if dryness is apparent on the skin you can have areas that may tingle or sting, if it persists please send us an email and we can advise from there.

  •  I haven’t noticed any skin changes, I have 4 homecare products so far is this normal?


  • I am unwell today, can my mother take my appointment in my place?

    Unfortunately, no, our booking policy requires 24 hour’s notice of any late cancellations or appointment changes, and cannot swap appointments with family members or friends.

  • I have just had Botox can I still come in for my appointment?

    Any injectable treatments, depending on area will need to be treated 1-2 weeks after once the product has settled, we cannot treat a client if they have had filler or Botox the same day of their skin appointment.

  • Are you open Sundays?

  • I have just had major surgery do I need to inform the clinic?

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