Naomi 1


I first started seeing the Skin Fairies in October 2018. I used to have great skin as a teenager, then after coming off my contraceptive pill in 2017, my skin started breaking out. It was red and sore and nothing I did seemed to help in anyway. I had been following The Skin Fairy Clinic on Instagram for some time and in August of 2018 I decided enough was enough. I got my first appointment in October 2018, with only  6 months until my wedding, I was praying for a miracle. My first appointment went really well, the lovely ladies at the clinic are so knowledgeable. They did an enzyme and put me on a home care prescription to help start my skin healing process. My next few appointments were enzymes and peels and some new additions to my home care routine. Within a few months I was already noticing huge changes in my skin. By January Carly said my skin was ready to start needling. We commenced a course of 3 sessions of needling. After the first session my skin broke out a bit and this concerned me, I spoke to Carly and we agreed to continue and do the second treatment. My skin handled the second round of needling much better and after the third session almost all of my scaring has disappeared. I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing work Carly  and the team have done with my Skin. I feel much more confident without make-up on and only wear minimal make up now. I regularly have comments on how far my skin has come and this gives me so much confident.

Carly I cannot thank you enough for giving me great skin not only for my wedding day but going forward.

Naomi Hill – 29thMarch 2019