Rachel 1


I came to the Skin Fairy Clinic two weeks before my wedding with quite severe acne and worried about how I’d look on the day. I’d tried all the face washes and hormone therapy that’s out there to get rid of it, but nothing seemed to work! 

The girls at SFC were super knowledgeable and helpful. I immediately started on the DMK skin products and light therapy and could immediately see a difference in my skins complexion, I also felt a lot more confident!

Every time I went for therapy (every 2-3 days) it didn’t feel like just an appointment, more like a pampering which was so relaxing!

When the day came to walk down the aisle, the majority of my acne had reduced, all the inflammation was gone and I felt so much more comfortable in my own skin. I felt confident taking photos on the day and everyone complemented my complexion and how much better it looked, all thanks to The Skin Fairy!

Thanks so much, I really appreciate you guys – thanks Chantal!!!

Rachel Carr (Gilbert) – 9thMarch 2019