Stratpharma Stratamed® - 5ml


Stratamed is suitable for children and people with sensitive skin. Stratamed may be used on infants, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Stratamed is a self-drying full contact flexible wound dressing, which provides an optimal environment for faster wound healing and symptomatic relief (redness/discolouration, itching, pain, discomfort, pain). Stratamed can be used immediately after procedures and allows prevention of abnormal scarring to begin earlier than ever before.

Stratamed was developed for use on all types of superficial wounds, burns, skin tears and abrasions including those resulting from:

• 1stand 2nddegree burns
• General and cosmetic surgery – excellent on caesarean scars
• Chemical peels
• Trauma
• Bites
• Grazes
• Laser therapy, including tattoo removal

Stratamed may also be used in conjunction with invasive scar management options to improve overall results, including surgical excisions and restoring, laser treatments and pressure garments.

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