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To Carmen, and the wonderful team at Skin Fairy, Thank you so much for looking after me and my skin in the lead up to our wedding. The therapists at the clinic are so warm & welcoming and have the perfect combination of delivering effective treatments while still making you feel relaxed and pampered at the end. I started going to Skin Fairy Clinic around 8 months before our wedding and started straight away on a home program & regular visits to the clinic for treatments. The lovely Jayd has been taking care of me most frequently, but I’ve been lucky enough so see a few different therapists at the clinic. Everyone is so lovely and all the members of the team were realistic & honest with me about what was achievable – my skin is very stubborn and I had a few areas I wanted to work on and improve. The overall texture of my skin has improved so much, and I was very happy with the outcome for my wedding day! I am so excited to continue my skin journey with the lovely fairies and can’t wait to continue to see the progress in my skin.

Sophie McCartin – 2019