I can’t thank the girls at the Skin Fairy Clinic enough! I started going to the Skin Fairy 4 months before my wedding. I’ve always had pretty good skin other than the usual stress pimples or small breakout. I wanted my skin to be perfect for my wedding and within weeks of my first few visits, my skin was already glowing and becoming much clearer.  I could (and still can) see how much better and more healthy my skin was from the treatments and at home care. The girls at The Skin Fairy not only made my skin look amazing for my wedding, but have made me feel confident to tackle each day without the need to wear make up. I much prefer my fresh natural face than wearing full coverage makeup now. The Skin Fairy family showed me it was possible to love my skin if I take the right care and use the correct products. I love using the DMK  products. I can’t wait to keep coming back. Thank you!

Tahnee Thorniley – 1stDecember 2018